Change the channel

I reach for the remote control and change the channel to reality
Where people relate to each other within an uncomfortable realm
Of confronting each other with each others personality
The documentary of our lives plays out among the others around us
The reality of presence feels more removed than observation of other realities
The stage is set and we begin to wonder whether we can merge into another channel
I press mute to simply remove myself from what is around me
I see mouths move and expressions emerge but I enjoy hearing nothing
I watch closely to see if anything is worth understanding
Plastic pretence permeating priorities past people
Plausible but distorted in an unreality
Real merging with unreal like wood trying to be steal
Like beach trying to become sea
Like sky trying to become cloud
But like bricks become a house these distorted people make a reality of sorts
That has no basis in reality but for a price is bought
All seems well
But all is not well
Be alarmed!
People have escaped
And need to be re-snared
Into the reality of presence
The reality of distance is easier
Nothing to deal with there
Lost in other worlds
In other worlds

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