Playing Live at the Black and Grey, Morpeth

It’s always good playing a new venue… although there is always a hint of apprehension! What’s the place like? What will the crowd be like?

Morpeth’s about 45 minutes up the A1 for me and I was kept company by the delightful Charlotte, daughter of my good friend Tony, who came with me on the mission! We arrived at the venue – a lovely little pub just off the main street in Morpeth and started the load in. I was setting up in the little corner by the piano which was covered in tea pots! The pub was quaint and the staff and punters warm and friendly.

After some initial problems getting my sound right – it’s always difficult when plugging through the venue PA as you’ve got no idea what it’s going to really sound like until you start. But, over the first couple of songs we meant from muffled to clear via distorted and got there. There was plenty of singing along from the bar staff and the drinkers. Torn always goes down well as does Valerie. There was the usual request for Oasis which received my usual rebuff… you know I’m probably just going to learn some really obscure Oasis b-side so when I’m asked I can play it…. avoid Wonderwall at all costs! Not that I think it’s a bad song but simply because I’ve heard it murdered at many a buskers night.

After the break I ramped up the party tunes! Thanks to my enthusiastic dancers! And finished the night with the Tiffany classic ‘I think we’re alone now’ – always a winner!

This is a lovely, small, intimate venue, that was a pleasure to play. And I’m back there on Saturday June 10th playing from 9 until 11

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