Words: Contemplation at Latitude

I’m reading Norwegian Wood by Murakami
I’m at Latitude
…and strangely (maybe) I start to think teenage memories.
a friend being beaten up while we were out on a bike ride down ‘the towers’
another digging for bottles over ‘the bogs’ and finding the most amazing old glass
and laying the supper table on a Saturday night to watch Match of the Day with my Dad when he came in from the pub

And then I’m snapped back to Henham Park – the festival site
A child with a walkie talkie is loudly informing the tent area that there’s going to be a cyber attack
…and I think ‘of all the shit I thought might happen while I was here I never thought that’… and this before a note has even been played!
I wait for the attack….

….and instead tune into the brash cockney twang that is in evidence
“awright awright ‘arm fu**in’ on it” ….in the family area as well… I despair!

…and Christine returns and I say ‘excellent – get the kettle on love!’
I turn to Ethan… ‘treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen’ wink
Christine gives me that look
I know my place
I go and put the kettle on

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