Woodland Creatures



a representation of friendship 

[circles are continuous, never ending, and the orbs in the painting are spiralling into the distance, each different, equidistant, but formed from the same journey, the distance goes on for ever, the orbs exist in the past, the present and the future, they are separate and distinct but similar enough to coexist]


the map of the legends

the swirling movements are reminiscent of a flower representing the emerging evolving nature of all things. the “legends” are the coloured blocks. the legends, the religions, the gods, the philosophies, are all built upon each other therefore the blocks are similar and are grouped together and are repeated in the colours even if the colours are at different points in the evolving swirls… make of it what you will …but make something of it for yourself ……and that need not be what i make of it or what i intended…. that’s what artistic output, whatever the form, is all about…