Epiphany – Music for Meditation and Reflection

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Better Than Broken Wings (2021)

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far too high to feel safe (2019)

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are you ready? (2019)

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Mythological Creatures (2019)

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Connect Yourself (2018)

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Track List: Connect Yourself, Complex Nature of Love, Nothing But Fear, This Refrain, Reconnect


Rain Dirty River (2017)

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Track List: Rain Dirty River, When I Get There, Should I Be The One, You’re The Only One, Love Song, Building Bridges, When I Get There (Acoustic Version)

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or buy the Deluxe Version – available only on CD …includes all of the songs on the mini album plus the original versions of You’re the Only One and Should I Be the One ..as well as bonus tracks My Desire to Be and Twice as Many